Hi there, I’m Dean Bryant, author of horror and paranormal thriller novels.

My debut, best-selling novel, The Stairwell, published by Darkstroke, is available to order now!

The Stairwell tells the story of two separate characters, Brandon and Alice, who both suddenly become subject to violent, nightmarish visions that begin to bleed into reality. Brandon Chapman is visited by an unknown man who knows secrets about Brandon’s wife and holds a strong manipulative force over him. Alice Hamilton, in an attempt to save her boyfriend after a horrific accident, makes a deal with a voice that speaks to her inside her head, and must accept the consequences of the deal.

Here’s what people are saying about The Stairwell:

This book was a rollercoaster of a ride.

Two people, unconnected start to have horrible, violent visions that seem real at the time. One sees a strange figure telling secrets that they don’t know but how does the strange figure know? The other hears a strange voice. Two people unconnected or so it seems….

Really enjoyed this book and the twists and turns. Not knowing myself if what was happening was real or not. Feeling scared for the character’s and wondering what the hell was really happening? Would love a sequel!
Goodreads review

Deliciously terrifying from page one. A truly chilling page-turner.

Michelle Cook, Author of Tipping Point

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