Inside Voices – An enticing Thriller with a chilling Arctic setting by Sarah Davis

Inside Voices

Sarah Davis is the author of Inside Voices, as well as many other things…wife, mother, veterinarian, writer. An avid reader, she enjoys stories that transport her into new and exciting lands. Having read more books than she would ever admit, she has considered writing a novel for ages. It wasn’t until the idea for Inside Voices popped into her mind that she finally started pursuing that dream, with much encouragement from her family. She and her incredible husband share their remote home on the prairie of North Dakota with their three extraordinary children and one mostly human Weimaraner.

1. Please tell my readers a little about yourself? I grew up on a farm near a very small town in central North Dakota. Although I vowed to never return (I sought fame and fortune in LA), I now live on a farm about half an hour from where I grew up with my charming husband, three cool kids, and a chair/tomato stealing Weimaraner. 

2. What inspired you to become a writer/author? I love reading and have wanted to write a children’s book for the longest time. Unfortunately, no great children’s story as of yet has presented itself. I did help edit my daughter’s book that she wrote when she was nine years old and helped illustrate it. When the idea for Inside Voices came to me and stuck around, I considered writing it down since I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My family and friends encouraged me and here we are, six years later. My very own book!

Sarah Davis – Author of Inside Voices

3. What is the best thing about being a writer/author? The best part is taking the stories from my head and bringing them to life on paper. 

4. What is your writing routine like? I write whenever I have free time, which to be honest, isn’t very often. Usually I’ll scratch notes down and explore them at a later time. I have a lot of notes…even bought a special notebook that will save a picture of my notes and convert my writing to text (not very well with my illegible scribbles). Then I can erase and start anew. I like all kinds of notebooks; this one helps me not carry several around at one time.

5. How much time is spent on research? Quite a lot. Papers, books, documentaries, videos, movies, interviews…Google searches can’t give you everything, nor do you necessarily want anyone looking at your browser history. 

6. How much of the book is planned out before you start writing it? For Inside Voices, I knew the beginning, ending and a few major scenes for the filling. Then I worked to tie it all together. My next story is thoroughly plotted as it is sci-fi/fantasy that requires some hefty worldbuilding.

7. What do you think is most important when writing a book? Characters, plot, setting, etc. An editor! Ha, I think characters, plot, setting, etc are all important. Some more than others depending on the genre or the author’s style.

8. What is your latest book about? Inside Voices is about a young woman with extraordinary gifts who struggles with anxiety and depression. She wants to move past the tragedies she endured but finds herself facing new nightmares. Set in northern Alaska, there are also polar bears and a serial killer.

9. What inspired it? My daughters are close in age and have been mistaken for twins more than a few times. That may have started the seedling for Inside Voices. When I started writing, my three children were involved in many of the same activities as characters in the book…wrestling, taekwondo, flying, guitar, writing, caring for orphan animals. Coincidence? I think not…

10. Why did you pick the genre or genres that you write in? A wise friend told me to write a book that I would read. Made perfect sense which is why I wrote some fantasy elements into Inside Voices. My current work in progress is entirely sci-fi/fantasy – no polar bears or dogs, but very large flying horse-like creatures and cats.

11. How did you go about getting a publishing deal? I pitched to agents and publishing houses off and on throughout the last few years without success. In fact, I had polished Inside Voices to the point I was ready to self-publish. Then Darkstroke Books and I crossed paths. I feel blessed to have been selected and welcomed into an incredible group of talented people.

12. Any new books or plans for the future? I am in the process of writing a sci-fi/fantasy story that takes place on a different planet. Humans are restricted to a forest reserve…you know, ’cause they did some bad things. The world building is exciting and my characters unique but yet relatable! Then I have plans for a sequel to Inside Voices, another fantasy/horror vampire story, and a gothic shoemaker tale. 

13. What authors have been an influence on your writing? I read anything and everything by Neil Gaimen, Terry Pratchett, Terry Brooks, Christopher Paolini, Patrick Rothfuss, Holly Black, James Rollins…ah, I could go on for much longer and into other genres.

Inside Voices
Sarah found inspiration with Terry Pratchett and Holly Black

14. What writing advice would you have given yourself when you started? Don’t give up. Take a break. Be patient and kind. Seriously, your computer doesn’t deserve the cursing and throwing of pencils. All the things that work in life. 

15. What writing advice would you give to an aspiring writer or a new author to the block? Do your research but don’t lose sight of your goal. Write every day. Find a professional editor. 16 What has been your favourite book so far this year? Tough question. Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky stands out because of its epic nature and the SPIDERS (my youngest would NOT like that book). But I reread The Girl Who Drank the Moon because I adore that book. Would that technically make it my favorite? I’ve read and listened to so many…perhaps I should keep a list!

16. What is your all-time favourite book and why? The Last Unicorn – when the graphic novel was been published, I felt like I won the lottery! 

17. What genre do you read most often? Sci-Fi/fantasy

18. What are you currently reading? My Google play opens to your book, The Stairwell. My kindle opens to Verity by Colleen Hoover. In paperback, The Lost City by Amanda Hocking. Oh, and I’m listening to The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis.

19. Anything else you would like to add? Only this…thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on your blog. I’m excited to read your upcoming release, The Stairwell, and wish you many happy sales!!

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Book Blurb:

The mind is a strange beast…extraordinary, unpredictable, protective.

Penny Osborn’s mind is no exception. In High School, Penny witnessed a massacre and lost her father to the same killers. She had seen it unfold before it happened, in a premonition, but could not prevent it.

A college research project at the edge of the Arctic is her chance for a new beginning. Struggling with PTSD, Penny’s therapy includes running, dogs, and guitars. Yet her fresh start is plagued by new premonitions, dark and foreboding, that coincide with a rising number of murders in the community. Her visions are vague, offering little to identify the killer.

When confronted with an orphaned polar bear cub, Penny risks everything to save its life. The deepening mystery of the murdered women, coupled with the exhaustive duties of caring for the small cub, draw her closer to her friend, Noah, and further from her sister.

Fearful for the serial killer’s next target, Penny discovers where her physical abilities can help her.

Will letting go of the past lead to healing? And can she stop the murders?

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